Special Events

Make their stay special!

These opportunities and more may be available during your respite care hours for an additional fee.

Birthday Parties
( up to 5 extra children with one parent) 
Included: Food, decorations, favors, invitations, games
Priced per person as individually designed. Rates will vary depending on parental choices made @ time of booking.

Weekend Camping 
One child 
Included: food, lodging, camping fun as determined by parents choices.

Day Trips to area parks, zoos, museums, field days, area music events; with one child
Rides, games, additional carnival activities specific for the occasion
(additional permission for travel with age appropriate car seats included by parent)

One child, per 30 minute session provided by a licensed massage therapist, Heather Tucker COS, LMT, of Heather Haven Hair and Massage, 16 Oswego Street, Camden

Rates dependent upon therapists' current charge

Haircuts hairstyling by a hairdresser
Rates dependent on parental choices 

Nit/Lice Removal Should there be an unplanned occurrence of lice or nit removal needed, we have Professional lice and nit hair treatment available. 

Fee is based on current charges by Nit Nurse 

103 Second Street 

Camden, New York  13316

Safe and Sound Respite Care For Children

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